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It’s Crazy the Things Cats Miss by Being Kept Inside!

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crazy cat

Party Marty here! It’s Friday once again! My favorite day of the week! I have been looking forward to this day since last Friday! Just so you know, I am not a cat that really gets out and about much. I spend most (it’s not like the vet will come to me!) – if not all – of my time here at home, keeping a handle on things. It’s my job. I am the COC of the house – Chief Operating Cat. It’s a demanding job, but someone has to do it!

At any rate, I really don’t mind being inside all the time. It truly does have its benefits, especially since I am a cat. I know…dogs love to get outside and roam about, create mischief, take a poop in front of the neighbors, etc. Cats are not like that, and in reality we prefer to be inside. However, there are a few things we miss out on being kept inside, and here is a condensed list, provided by

  • We miss being hit by a car.
  • We miss being caught in an animal trap.
  • We miss rain, cold and wind.
  • We miss being stolen and used for dog bait.
  • We miss being caught in a car engine or in the garage.
  • We miss complaints and threats from neighbors.
  • We miss being eaten by wild animals.
  • We miss fleas, ticks, worms and parasites.
  • We miss exposure to disease from other animals.
  • We miss our collar getting hung up on a fence.
  • We miss curling up on your lap and enjoying your company.

So, please….keep your cats indoors. It is so much safer! Just look at me…I stay inside but am on top of the world! Woohoo!