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Is Your Dog Your Best Friend?

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family and dogA recent survey conducted by American Pulse of 4000 US dog owners uncovered some very interesting facts.  Of those polled, 66.8% felt their dog was smarter than some people they knew.  Although not all thought of their dog as their best friend, 87.7% of participants considered their dog a member of the family.  The majority of those surveyed, 87.6%, considered their dogs health a priority.

Another area covering dog food purchases was pretty interesting.  It seems the main factor in selecting a dog food is trust in the food manufacturer.  The second highest factor is whether the dog likes the food’s taste.  Although natural and organic pet foods are becoming more prevalent, only 9.2% of those surveyed took that into consideration in pet food purchases.

Here are some other facts that came out of the survey:

  • 58.2% of dog owners admit to spoiling their pet with treats and/or toys
  • 81.4% of dog owners said their dog helps relieve stress
  • Those in Generation Y are less likely than their older counterparts to give their dogs regular exercise
  • When asked what one word best describes their dog, most said “loyal” or “loving”


Info from Big Consumer Blog


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