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Cat Behavior: Cat Secretly Plotting Against You Or Just Having Fun?

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cat behavior


Even for those of us that consider ourselves cat lovers, there are aspects of cat behavior that can be considered confounding, at best. Cats are sometimes referred to as jerks online, their behaviors aren’t necessarily jerky, just misunderstood by us humans.

The question I offer today is this: Does your cat secretly hate you? There are signals your cat gives that might indicate somewhat of a disdain for you, or, that he is just being sarcastically playful with you.

Do You Get Hairball Presents?

Cats have to do this. You might feel your cat is doing it in places you might step. Cats cough up a hairball on carpet that is well traversed because:

(1) It has a familiar scent

(2) Provides the necessary traction by which to regurgitate, as that requires a lot of muscle action!

Does Your Cat Miss The Litter Box Or Mark His Territory Outside The Litter Box?

While this may seem like an attack against you…and we also know that cat urine is a horrible assault on the senses…check the litter box to see if it’s been cleaned recently. Plus, cats are natural predators and like to mark their territory.

Does Your Cat Pick A Fight With You?

Does he hiss, swipe at you or spit at you? He is either angry at you, afraid of you, or simply telling you he will NOT move from his position in the sunlight! Other reasons for the hissing and swiping include: Change of your usual scent, illness or injury. If this aggressive behavior continues, please check it out with your veterinarian.

Are You The Recipient Of Dead Prey?

Consider that a gift of love more than a practical joke. It is your cat’s way of showing affection and love towards you. So, when he is not looking, bag that dead thing up and throw it away…and if you have an indoor cat, be thankful he is not at liberty to bring you things to which outdoor cats have greater access!

Is Your Cat In Your Face Frequently?

Does he rub up against you, hop in your lap, or lounge across your computer keyboard while you are trying to work? He most likely is showing you that he needs some love and affection. Take a few minutes to play with him and then lure him away with a treat.

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