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Is the Noise Keeping You Up at Night? Helpful Tips to Reduce Your Dog’s Snoring

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Jessie, the dog who swears she never snores when she slumbers, here to dispense some helpful information for those who may struggle with their adorable dogs who just might have a penchant for keeping the house up at night with endless snoring:

Is snoring keeping you awake at night? Do you toss and turn because the one sleeping next to you is making noises like a freight train? No, we are not talking about your spouse or significant other. We are referring to your furry, four-legged friend….your dog!  Does your dog snore at night?  Have you had enough and are you just begging for some restful slumber?  Well, here are a few tips to get your pooch to stop the madness, as gleaned from

  • If the snoring is allergen related, make sure you clean his bedding daily. Schedule his outdoor walks when the pollen levels are low and when there is not much traffic. Be sure to vacuum regularly and keep those rugs and curtains dust free.
  • If the snoring is a result of excess weight, incorporate regular exercise into your dog’s life. Physical activity can aid in reducing the snoring!
  • Certain smaller breeds are predisposed to snoring problems. In some cases, small surgery can be performed on these dogs, but this is usually done when the dogs are young.
  • Give your dog a pillow. This will elevate his head (if he will use it!) and can potentially reduce the snoring.
  • Consider having your dog sleep in another room, provided he won’t whine and scratch at the door to get your attention all night long.
  • And please do not smoke near your dog.  It is best to maintain a smoke-free environment.

Of course, please be aware that snoring may be a sign of an underlying illness. If your dog fails to respond to any of these measures, please consult your veterinarian for a thorough examination of your precious pup.



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