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Is it Normal for my Cat to Scoot Along the Floor on Its Hindquarters?

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Party Marty here! Gee! It finally seems like Mother Nature is going to cooperate with us. I am so sick of all the cold, snowy and dreary weather we have endured. It interrupted my naptime just thinking about it and it also wore me out just staring out the window to watch people shovel snow. However, I will confess that it was nice to be able to take care of my business inside while that darned dog Jessie had to go outside to conduct her affairs. Ahh….the freedom of being a cat!

However, being a cat is not without its problems, and if you think your precious little bundle of love and fur is acting strange, then don’t ignore the problem. When in doubt, check it out.

Here is a common problem with which many cats deal. (I would never admit to it and would preface my inquiry with the following, “I have this friend who has been dragging his butt across the carpet….”)

Some cats may scoot their hindquarters across the floor for no apparent reason. You check “down there” and it seems clean. She doesn’t seem to have problems with the litter box, either. What gives? Gangnam cat style?

Sure, she could just have an itchy rear-end. However, a common medical condition could be the culprit to this odd behavior. She could have impacted anal glands (Yeah, I know. That was disgusting just to write!) Or she could have a urinary tract infection. Some overweight cats may even exhibit this behavior because they are no longer capable of keeping themselves clean.

If you see your cat doing the “butt dance” across the floor, give the vet a call and get to the bottom of it! (No pun intended. Well, yes, pun intended. After all, I am Party Marty, the world’s most lovable cat!)

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