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Introducing The Poodle Pair

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Poodle Pair

When my dog Jessie passed away in June, I was heartbroken.  She’d been my friend, companion, errand running wing girl and all around great dog. I’ve heard it said so often that time heals, but with this, time didn’t seem to be helping.  A grief settled over me that I couldn’t shake, so I knew I had to do something to start pulling out of it.

I started checking various adoptable pet sites like and, in addition to local rescue groups, for another little poodle girl.  Jessie sparked my love for poodles, their intelligence, humor and good looks grabbed me from the first time I met her.  It was important to find a dog that would accept Marty (my cat), not terrorize him or intimidate him.  Jessie was aloof where Marty was concerned, they weren’t best buddies but did come to an understanding that allowed them to peacefully co-exist and I wanted that again for Marty.

The search continued for a couple of weeks, not really finding what seemed like the right match.  Then, one evening, I was on Facebook and noticed a post by a local rescue group.  It was a picture of a brother and sister poodle pair that were looking for a new home.  Their owner passed away, and since the dogs grew up together, the rescue group was hoping to find someone willing to adopt both of them so they wouldn’t be split up.  I contacted the rescue group and set up a meeting with the dogs to see if it would be a good match.

The dogs seemed calm, the girl was very shy, fading into the background while her brother stole the show.  Although a little bigger than Jessie had been, these two seemed small enough to not be intimidating to Marty.  I told the rescue I would think about it and let them know.  I wanted to consider all aspects of adopting two dogs vs. one, the additional cost and care of two dogs was much greater than the cost of one.  After much pondering, I decided to give these two a shot.

It’s been a bit of a struggle.  These two dogs are quite a bit livelier than Jessie was, she liked to run and play, but not to the level of the poodle pair.  Neither really knew about walking on leash, so we’ve worked on that and now they’re doing pretty well.  All in all, they’re good dogs and we’re getting along well.  Marty is gradually getting used to having them here.  He doesn’t like the way they run around, but he’s been observing them and is getting a little more used to the craziness.

The poodle pair will be appearing here on the blog once they settle in a little more.  Their “big sister” Jessie will still be dropping by to offer her wisdom, she has so much to share that will always be welcome.  I’ll be writing about various subjects that come up as life with the poodle pair unfolds, so stay tuned for the next installment of the poodle pair in action!

(In the photo above, April is in the foreground and J.R. is behind her.)