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It’s All Fun and Games at the Dog Park, Unless You Don’t Play by the “Rules!”

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Fun n Games at Dog Park

The Spirit of Jessie, returning to bless your lives and share sound advice:  Now that I have crossed over into Pet Heaven, I have to share with you that it is like one endless dog park! I love it! I can run freely for what seems like forever, yet never get lost! It’s awesome! It’s like the dog parks on earth, only on steroids!

And speaking of those dog parks on earth, aren’t they the best? They offer a perfect place for you to get out with your dog and have fun, enhance his socialization skills, and just feel totally free.  However, with that sense of excitement comes a sense of responsibility on your part. So, here are a few so-called rules/guidelines. I just thought I would throw these out there for you:

**When you are with your dog at the dog park, YOU are in charge; not your dog! Your dog must understand that you are the alpha at all times. Choose a word/command specific to the dog park that your dog will understand when he is there and that, when you use it, he will come to you.

**Pause before going in…make sure the other dogs know you are there, but give them a moment to adjust to new dog coming in.

**Pay attention to your dog and all the other dogs. This is their social time, not yours. If you see trouble about to happen, call your dog to you.  If your dog has pooped, please clean it up.

**Know the body language of dogs.  Make sure your dog plays well with other dogs. Dogs that are in play mode have relaxed ears, a wagging tail and sometimes may bow down, with their hindquarters up and their front end to the ground.  If a dog is aggressive, he will appear tense; ears are pinned back; his tail may be lowered or between his legs; and he may growl.  Some growling is common in dogs at play, but if the growling is accompanied by curled back lips, that is a cautionary sign. If a fight ensues between dogs that last more than a couple of seconds, try to separate them with a hose or a stick. Do not use your hands or body. You and the other dog owner may have to grab the hind legs of your respective dogs and lift them up, pulling them back towards you like a wheel barrow, slowing moving back. While it may be instinctive for you to grab your dog by the collar, please don’t do that, as he could inadvertently snap at you.

**It is not a good idea to take puppies to the dog park. They are difficult to control. Older dogs find them to be a nuisance. And if they have not had all of their shots, they run the risk of being exposed to certain diseases.

**And please don’t take a dog to the dog park that does not have good manners; that does not have flea and tick protection; that is not spayed or neutered; or that is not vaccinated.

Well, thanks to, that about sums up my post for the day. I hope you all have an amazing week and can look forward to a fun experience at your local dog park this coming weekend!