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If Party Marty Had an Online Dating Profile, He’d Be the “Cat”-ch of the Day!

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It’s Party Marty time once again! I had a busy weekend but am ready to tackle this week with all of the enthusiasm I can muster. (Insert exaggerated yawn here.) With all of the online dating sites out there, it seems like finding love should be easy. I have been kind of lonely lately since Jessie passed. No, we were not a couple, but it was nice to have some company of the furry, four-legged kind around.

I have toyed with the idea of submitting a profile to one of those dating sites, but am wondering if I would meet with any success. It does get lonely here at the top, so I have written my own online dating profile for fun. See if you think it will fetch me a foxy and fancy female feline!

Username: PartyMarty

Headline: Fabulous Feline Thirsty for Love

About Me:

When we first meet, if you sense an upbeat, fun loving, generous, outgoing, fur licking and ready-for-that-next nap kind of guy, then please don’t waver from that initial conclusion. If you are into napping, eating, napping and sunbathing, then you are in esteemed company.

The very least you should know about me:

  • I love to sleep.
  • I know how to use a litter box.
  • I am skilled at keeping dogs in line and will not hesitate to execute my leadership prowess over them.
  • My guilty pleasure is catnip.
  • Yes, I will lounge across a computer keyboard when my human is fast at work.
  • And I have no shame reflex when it comes to coughing up a fur ball at your feet.

As a partner, I’ve got you covered, as honesty, loyalty and faithfulness are among my primary areas of expertise. I hope, however, that you will always have my best interests at heart and know that if you make me happy, you will be happy. That’s just the way it works.

A multifaceted kind of cat, I enjoy sleeping by day and prowling by night and jumping from counter to couch in a single bound.

So, if any of this resonates with you, let’s just make that initial “meow” and see if there is “pawsibility” written all over this!