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If You Sense Your Cat is Special, You Just May Be On to Something!

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Cat's nose close up

Party Marty here! It’s time for me to dish here on the ol’ blog. Did you miss me earlier this week? Sure hope so! As for today’s topic, I am sensing it is something interesting. It has to do with cats, which is cool, and it has to do with how we use our senses. I have amazing senses: a sense of self, a sense of purpose, a sense of wonder, a sense of adventure and a sense of humor. In other words, I am far from senseless.

However, I am really talking about our primary senses, from sight to smell to hearing. Ever wonder how your cat uses these to his advantage? According to, a cat’s senses are quite keen and are designed to help us smoothly navigate our environment. We have high-powered hearing and a super sensitive nose. And as for our eyes, well, we can see very well in low-light situations. (Ever see our eyes practically glow in the dark?) We are at a disadvantage, however, during the day in in high-light situations, and our eyesight at those times can actually be worse than that of humans. But we have amazing depth perception and the ability to focus on movement. We are born predators and need that skill. And since our eyes do not need to be lubricated when we stare, we can keep a steady focus on our prey.

Then there is our sense of smell. It is nearly 15 times stronger than that of humans. We also have a secondary sense of smell in our mouth called the Jacobson’s organs, located in the roof of our mouth.

Our hearing is quite advanced, too, and we make good use of our large and perky ears. We can hear lower sounds like humans but can really tune into those higher pitches that you guys miss. We can even hear sounds that dogs cannot hear. Yeah, we are really that cool.

Then there is our sense of taste. We have far less taste buds than dogs or humans. Natural carnivores, we can readily identify and prefer fats and proteins. But we don’t have much of a penchant for sweets or salty foods.

Cats have a sense of touch that goes beyond what is normal for humans. The most amazing aspect of our sense of touch is our whiskers. These provide us with detailed sensory information, allowing us to take in a deeper understanding of the world around us.

And right now, I am sensing I have bored you enough and am signing off. I feel sleepy. I need a nap, and that just makes perfect sense to me!