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Is It Time to Schedule a Play Date for Your Dog?

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A word of practical advice from Jessie, the adorable canine and self-professed responsible pet of the home: 

Did you know that play dates are not just for kids? Just like humans, dogs are highly social creatures, so as pet owners, you need to encourage that side of their nature and let it flourish.

By giving your dog a chance to interact with other dogs rather than just with family members, you are giving him the gift to simply be himself: to sniff, romp, play and enjoy himself…with other dogs! If your dog is isolated and interacts only with members of your family, most likely he will exhibit high-strung behavior and elicit some unwanted vocal sounds when he encounters other animals and people.

Of course, the earlier you begin the socialization process, the better. If your dog is grown, however, and has had little socialization with other dogs, start the process slowly. Arrange to meet a friend to walk your dogs together at a local park. If your friend’s dog is more accustomed to interacting with other dogs, then that will be a huge benefit for your dog.

Be sure to muzzle your dog to prevent any issues with being frightened or aggressive. When you meet your friend and her dog, give the dogs time to do what they do best – sniff each other over! If your dog growls or cowers in response to the other dog, give him time. He is just reacting to the other dog and needs a few minutes to take his behavior cues from his new friend. This is the primary reason it is so important to introduce your dog to a dog that is already socialized. If neither dog is used to other dogs, chaos can ensue.

Once your dog becomes accustomed to this dog, introduce other dogs into the circle and you will soon discover that your dog looks forward to his play dates. Within time, you should be able to remove the muzzle and eventually unleash him so he can run free with the other dogs.

Bottom line: Your dog will thrive and be so much happier when allowed to play with other dogs. Sure, interacting with people is important, but dogs need to spend time with their own and learn about being a dog as well as a pet!

No word on the street yet as to how cats do on play dates with other cats! I don’t even think Party Marty is up to the challenge!

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