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How to Make a Donation to Your Local Animal Shelter without Spending a Dime!

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Bolt, the occasional Yorkie-Poo guest blogger:  Hey!  Have your pets come out from under the bed yet since the Fourth of July fireworks lit up the sky?  I am such a tough little guy that none of that really bothered me. I just go with the flow.  However, I think Party Marty and Jessie are still recuperating from their exciting holiday weekend. As such, I am here to save the day and post to the blog.  Here’s the dealio for today….love pets?  Sure you do…that is why you are here! So, let’s focus on how you can improve the lives of pets that do not even live with you! (“What?” you may say. “I spend a lot of money on my own furry child….how can I afford to spend money on others?”)

Well, hang on to your hats and your collars, folks, as I did some research at and discovered some exciting ways you can brighten the day of pets the world over….and it doesn’t have to cost you a dime!  Still with me?  Then read on…

Consider donating your time to a local animal shelter.  Call the local shelter and see if they need volunteers to help with the pets or to simply help clean and maintain the place to make it inviting and comfortable for the pets who reside there.

Have skills? Donate those!  For example, if you are into photography, consider taking pictures of the shelter pets to post on their web site.  Great photos could mean the difference between being noticed and adopted and, well….not being adopted! Strike a pose, my furry four-legged friends!

Donate gently used items such as dog food bowls, water dishes, collars, leashes, toys, pet beds and grooming tools. Your local shelter will really appreciate those items!

Donate a place in your home! Become a foster parent to a pet! Now that is a win-win for everyone!

Getting married?  Consider adding the local animal shelter to your wedding registry and give wedding guests the opportunity to make a donation to the shelter instead of buying you yet another toaster or vase that will never get used!

That’s my post for today!  I better get back to what I was doing – which was essentially nothing – and I have so much of that to do that I will have to block some time off on my calendar tomorrow to finish it off!


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