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How To Determine If Your Dog’s Diet Is Good

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As caring dog owners, we want to feed our dogs food that will keep them happy and healthy for years to come.   There’s a lot of hype about the nutrients in various dog foods and unless you’ve done much research, it’s easy to fall prey to some claims that aren’t exactly accurate. As Dr. Marty Becker writes in his book Your Dog: The Owner’s Manual, there are some easy ways to check on the quality of your dog’s diet.


Dogs on a good diet have healthy, shiny and full coats.  Not only does his coat shine, but his skin is healthy, bones are strong and eyes shine. Dogs that aren’t on an optimum diet have dull, brittle coats that tend to look roughed up.


Dogs on a good diet have more energy, they walk faster, play harder and look strong and healthy.  Senior dogs might not be able to keep up with puppies, but they’ll be leading the pack when out with other dogs their age.

Your Lawn

Ever see lawns that have a lot of yellow patches?  There’s a good chance their dog isn’t eating the right food.  Dog foods with a high amount of nitrogenous waste products pass through your dog and consequently damage your lawn.

Less Waste

No dog owner likes picking up dog waste.  If a dog is eating a good diet, the amount of waste produced is much less. A high quality food that’s right for your dog is used in digestion, leaving little waste. The waste that is produced is firm and compact, making it much easier to pick up. High quality food also helps express the anal glands so your dog won’t be prone to scooting across the floor. Low quality foods contain large amount of fillers so your dog needs to eat more to feel satisfied. These fillers can also cause digestive problems like diarrhea for your dog.

Like us, when your dog eats better, he feels better.  Following these guidelines will help your dog look and feel his best!


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