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How Hot is Too Hot When It Comes to Walking Your Dog on the Asphalt?

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Jessie, the cool dog with the cool paws: As the temperatures creep up over the coming weeks and as spring turns to summer, please be mindful of how the heat can turn the asphalt upon which your dog walks into what could feel like a fiery bed of coals.  Here are a few things to keep in mind if you want to protect your puppy’s precious paws:

**Place the back of your hand firmly on the asphalt for seven seconds to verify if it will be comfortable for your dog. Not comfortable for you? Not comfortable for your dog!

If the air temperature is 77 degrees F outside, the temperature of the asphalt is 125 degrees F; if the air temperature is 86 degrees F outside, the temperature of the asphalt is 135 degrees F; if the air temperature goes up to just one more degree to 87, the temperature of the asphalt soars to 143 degrees F. Ouch!  (Bear in mind that these do represent the worst-case scenarios, such as direct sun, no wind, low humidity and high radiant energy.)

On asphalt at 125 degrees F, skin destruction can occur within 60 seconds! Heck! An egg can fry in five minutes at 131 degrees F!

So, just as you prance across a hot sidewalk in your bare feet as you race to get to the cool grass, consider how it might feel to your dog to walk on the hot ground!

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