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Heart Healthy Reasons to Own a Dog!

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Bolt, the Yorkie-Poo guest blogger: How did this week already come to an end? I feel as if I just slept right through it. Well, actually, I probably did. Napping and snoozing are two of my primary areas of expertise. I also know how to dish out the hugs and kisses for my humans, and from what I understand, I am doing them a HUGE health favor by engaging in that behavior!

With February right around the corner, our thoughts turn to Valentine’s Day, and when we think of Valentine’s Day, we often think of hearts. Well, did you know that owning a dog could keep that heart of yours healthier than if you did not own one at all? Here’s how:

  • Studies have shown that if you own a dog, you can reduce the risk of heart problems and high cholesterol issues.  Those daily snuggles with your pooch can decrease stress and create positive changes in your hormones and chemical make-up in your body.
  • For decades people have proclaimed “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” While that may be true, a warm and loving snuggle with your dog can have the same effect!
  • Need to get in shape but have no motivation?  Get that heart pumping well by going on regular walks or runs with your dog!  Engage in a lively game of fetch, too! It will do BOTH of you some good to get up, get out and get going!
  • Some dogs can be trained to sense an on-coming drop in blood sugar levels in diabetics and will alert their owners that it is snack time, which is also loosely translated as “treat time” for the dog!
  • Some dogs have been trained to anticipate an oncoming seizure in a person and others have been trained to be autism service dogs. Wow
  • Want to stay well this winter? Allow your dog to bring in dirt and germs that will aid in building up your immune system. Go ahead! Scratch my belly! I just came in from running around in the backyard!
  • When you interact with your dog on a daily basis, you can keep depression and sadness at bay and we all know that seeing cute pictures of us can elevate your mood!

Happy Friday!  Make it a good one!  And thanks to for this helpful information!


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