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Go Green Against Fleas and Ticks!

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Party Marty, taking a break from my long winter’s nap: Hey! I think I see Spring at the end of the tunnel. Yeah! More daylight! More sunshine! More warmth!  More fleas! More ticks! Oh-oh….I don’t like the sound of that.

So, while it may be easy to just purchase some flea and tick product over the counter, full of chemicals and all sorts of nasty things that you wouldn’t want to put on yourself, why would you want to do that to your pets? Go green! Instead of spending money and potentially harming your pet – and possibly you- with toxic ingredients, try the following to combat those pesky bugs:

Regularly bathe your pet with natural cleaners.

Vacuum your home once a week and empty the bag, disposing of its contents.

Each week, wash all pet bedding in hot, soapy water.

Frequently use a fine-toothed flea comb on your pet.

The two primary and sinister ingredients to look out for on the market when it comes to flea and tick remedies include propoxur and tetrachlorvinphos, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council. Some products do carry warning labels of potential risk of cancer and damage to the nervous system.

You as the consumer can make the call. As for me and my home boys (and girls!), we prefer the natural defense system! (And, if all else fails, maybe Jessie can pass a little gas and get rid of all those nasty bugs for us once and for all!)

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