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Gifts For Your Pet

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Focus is on shopping, shopping and more shopping this weekend.  If you’re looking for the right gift for your dog, check out this list of the Best New Products of 2011 selected by Dog Fancy Magazine:

  • Yummy Travel Bowls.  Allows you to store, transport and feed your pet without the mess.  $39.99 from sleepy
  • Treat Dispensing Pickle Pocket. Novel design that allows you to hide treats in various parts of the toy that make it more challenging for your pet that may have figured out other dispensing toys.  $19.99 from
  • Booda Squeakbottles.  If your dog likes to crunch plastic bottles, this is the toy for him!  Contains a squeaker that goes on end of a plastic bottle, then the bottle goes into a plastic sleeve.  Sells for $13.95, available from pet
  • Sleepypod Atom.  This bag was designed for travel with a small pet.  Fits under most airline seats and has seat belt straps on two sides that enable it to convert to a car seat for your dog.  Also has mesh panels on three sides to provide more ventilation.  Sells for $99.99 from sleepy
  • Hear Doggy Ultrasonic Plush Toys.  Does your dog have squeaky toys that can make you a little crazy sometimes?  If so, these toys might be worth checking out.  They contain an ultrasonic squeaker that can be heard only by dogs (and maybe cats).  Sells for $8.99-12.99 from
  • Pet Hub SmartLink Tag.  These tags contain a QR code that can be scanned by any smartphone with a QR code reader.  When scanned, all medical and contact information for the pet wearing it is available.  Sells for $12.95 from pet

Are any of these gifts on your pet’s Christmas wish list?


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