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Now that the Thanksgiving feast is over…

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Party Marty here, barely moving, as even thinking is an effort at this point. Boy!  I don’t know about you, but I sure made the most out the Thanksgiving feast today.  I can give new meaning to the term “fat cat,” if onlytemporarily! I am just laying here, half asleep at the computer keyboard.

Just thought I would dish out a few more fun cat facts for you before I doze off:

1.) Cats can walk on their toes. (Not me. Not now. Too fat and too full)

2.) Cats have the largest eyes in proportion to their body size of all animals. (But if you saw my body today, you’d suspect otherwise! “Man vs. Food” had nothing on me today!)

3.)  Cats have existed longer than humans! (So why aren’t we celebrating Catsgiving?)

4.)  Cats urine glows under a black light. (Note to self: keep it in the litter box from now on!)

5.)  Cats can jump five times their height. (That may be true, but right now, I could fall right to the floor. That’d be impressive, right?)

Well, I better get some sleep because tomorrow is Black Friday and I want to be first in line at the pet store and at the computer store. I need a new mouse! What? I do need one!  This one I am using with my computer isn’t working well. It’s tail keeps getting in the way!

Gotta go!  A cat nap is way over-due.  Thanks to for sharing this info!


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