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Get to Know Some of the Most Lovable Dog Breeds!

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dog breed English Bulldog

The Spirit of Bo, returning on this amazingly beautiful Midwestern day to spread love, good health and blessings. Since that fun-loving feline Party Marty is on his Spring Break vacation right now (He mentioned something about going to the islands but I think he is actually downstairs ON the island in the kitchen!), I have decided to fill in on the blog for him today.

I bet just about every dog owner out there would say that his or her dog was the most lovable dog in the world. Well, love truly is in the eye of the beholder, but there are certain breeds that tend to be a bit more loving, huggable and snuggable than others. Here is a peek into a few of those dogs…

The Bulldog – Despite his sour-looking mug, this dog is actually quite comical, jovial and charming. Yes, he does boast a rather impressive girth and could probably benefit by a few visits to the gym, but he is so devoted and affectionate.

The Irish Wolfhound – If ever there was a gentle giant, this dog is it! He is one of the world’s largest breeds and is quite strong and sturdy. On the flip side, he is very gentle, noble and lovable….a true friend for life.

The Bichon Frise – Ahhhhh…such a cute dog, huh? He plays well with kids and sports a happy disposition. He may enjoy romping on your furniture, but he is equally adept at snuggling under the covers with you.

The Irish Setter – This dog is always so enthusiastic, energetic and athletic and that crop of long and flowing red hair just makes you want to snuggle…am I right?

The Labrador Retriever – This is a no-brainer! The love this dog will have for you knows no bounds. He will be over-the-moon for you with love and loyalty.

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