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Reasons to Let Your Dating Life Go to the Dogs!

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Jessie, taking a break from babysitting that darned cat Party Marty on this wonderful St. Patrick’s Day celebration:

Unlike Marty, I still work on holidays. He just thinks today is all about green catnip or something. He will pass out soon and at least be out of my hair for several hours. Hopefully, he will come up for air by Friday to do his usual post!

So…in keeping pace with holidays and celebrations, I was thinking about how you could make your dog feel really special! Why not go on a date with your dog? Huh? What did Jessie just say? Yes…go on a date with your dog! Why not?

According to the, going on a date with your dog has amazing benefits (not to be confused at all with the term “friends with benefits!”).

For starters, you will both be happier. Being with your beloved pooch is a perfect way to reduce stress, depression and anxiety. If you are feeling down, your dog can lift you up.

It will actually be healthy for both of you. If you are on date with your dog, you will most likely be on foot, getting in lots of walking. Take in the sights at the local dog park and get that heart pumping.

Taking your dog on a date is an ideal way to meet new and interesting people…with your dog as the conversation starter.

And you can be sure that on this date you will not have to deal with petty arguments or disagreements. No need to ask, “What do you want to do?” or “Where do you want to eat?” All your dog cares about is just being with you.

Check your calendar! Have fun! And maybe you will soon meet someone else with a dog and can then plan that double date!


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