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Five Reasons To Get A Pet Bird

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As I wrote earlier in the week, birds are the third most popular pet choice in the US.  Below are five reasons birds may be a good pet choice for you:

  1. They can talk!  Even though we often think we know what our pets are trying to say to us, with a bird there’s no guesswork!
  2. They’re smart-they can learn to mimic our actions and words, maybe being a bird brain isn’t a bad thing after all!
  3. They’re low maintenance.  They don’t need walked or house trained.  Although they do like some company, they don’t require as much time being entertained as say a dog…..or cat.
  4. They can live in small spaces.  This can make them a good choice for apartment dwellers.
  5. They’re inexpensive.  Although birds require specific high-quality pellet-type food, that can be supplemented with fruits and veggies from your kitchen.  There are a few foods that are toxic to birds such as avocados, apple seeds, onions, chocolate and mushrooms so be sure to keep those away from your feathered friend.  The other major expense for birds would be their cage.  Birds are even ecologically correct, they’ll help you recycle your newspapers by using them in their cage as a liner.


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