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Enjoy the Outdoors with Your Dog in Cold Weather! Just be aware of potential frostbite!

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dogs and snow

Jessie, the dog who much prefers the warmer, indoor weather in the cold winter months: Does your dog love to romp and play outdoors even when the temps are frigid?  That’s great, as long as he is not out there for too long!  A little bit of exercise every day is good, and no dog loves to be cooped up in the house!  I know…I am not a cold-weather kind of gal.  I prefer to do mall-walking!  Shopping is my thing, you know! Can never have too many hair bows!

At any rate, if you do have a dog who doesn’t mind the cold weather, be on the lookout for signs of frostbite. If your dog has a great deal of fur between his toes, it is a good idea to clip some of that to prevent excess snowballs forming between his toes.

After being outdoors, be sure to check your dog’s legs and paws for any signs of frostbite. If your dog is not a bootie-wearing kind of creature, be sure to rinse his paws off. Some of those de-icing products they use on the streets and sidewalks can damage your dog’s foot pads and they can also be toxic if your dog is prone to licking his paws.  Be sure to leave a container of warm water in your garage for easy rinsing upon your return home.  Then, towel dry each paw.

Your dog can get frostbite on his feet, nose, and ears….just like you can! When frostbite occurs, the skin can appear red, gray, or whitish in color. If you think your dog has frostbite, gently warm his paws or other affected area with your hands or a warm towel. Once the color pink is restored to the affected areas, please consult your veterinarian for further advice and instructions.

Thanks to for this helpful information.  Here’s to a fun winter with your dog!  If you’re lucky, maybe he will make snow angels with you!  Enjoy!


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