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Try “doga” for stress relief!

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lady and dog yoga

Party Marty, the fit cat, not the fat cat: Hey, there, yoga enthusiasts and dog lovers! Ever hear of doga? It’s yoga done with your dog! I know…cracked me up, too! Seeing Jessie in a “downward dog” pose is quite the sight! However, my sources tell me that practicing yoga with your dog is really beneficial, as it not only calms your spirit but your dog’s spirit, as well.

It has been noted that when you are relaxed, you give off a certain smell, and dogs pick up on that scent. If you are relaxed, they are relaxed.

Practicing yoga is really not something to scoff at, but I still do!  The visuals alone are hilarious…to me, anyway! I’ll get over it!

Unlike their human counterparts, dogs are always in a constant state of awareness. (He heard the mail truck three blocks away…where were you?) Dogs are in the moment and able to let go whenever they want. Suppose an old dog could teach YOU some new tricks!

With doga poses, both you and the dog get to go deeper into the stretches, and most poses are based on Hatha poses, allowing for stretching, breathing, bonding, and relaxing…with you and your dog in sync.

From what I have been told, it’s a pretty great bonding experience for dog and human. Still can’t imagine Jessie in a “child’s pose,” however…or, for that matter, on her head against the wall. I’d pay money to see that!

Thanks to for this fun information.  Seriously…if you love yoga and love your dog, it just might be the thing to do! I doubt a cat would ever get into it, though.  It might make us cat-atonic! HA!

Catch you on the flip side!


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