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Easter Egg Hunt Fun With Find It Game

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There will be many Easter egg hunts happening this weekend, so why not plan one for your dog or cat using the find it game?

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Many of my pet clients love to play “find it.”  It’s a fun game for them, even if they’ve lost their eyesight.

Make sure your dog is in another room so he/she doesn’t see where you’re hiding the goodies. Break his/her favorite treat into small pieces and hide them around a room (I usually use the living room because there is more furniture, provides good hiding spots). Then bring your dog in and tell him to “find it.” I let him/her see the treat, then tell him/her to use their nose.

The first time a dog plays, I start with 3-4 little treats, and make the hiding places a little easier. Remember where you’ve hidden the treats, that way you can provide hints to your dog, if needed.)

Once your dog has more experience at the game, add a few more treats and make the hiding places tougher. This makes the game more challenging.

The more food motivated your dog is, the faster he/she will figure out the game. Keep finding tougher treat hiding places, but be sure your dog can easily access it and nab the treat. Don’t use the same hiding spots too often, your dog will tend to lose interest. If your dog has trouble finding a couple, give him hints to help him find all the treats.

Cats Love Find It, Too!

This game works great for food motivated cats, too.  I like using the Petsafe Slimcat Food Dispensing Toy, it gives your cat a chance to practice instinctual hunting skills.

Another great choice for cats is Doc and Phoebe’s Indoor Hunting Cat Feeder.

Note: Since ordering times are extended due to virus concerns, distribute treats by hand around the “hunt area.”

Playing the “find it” game with your pet gives him/her mental stimulation and exercise. It also gives you the opportunity to bond with your pet.

Here is a video with one of my clients, Marley, who loves playing find it, he’s lost his eyesight, but still has the desire to nab the treats!

Try it this holiday weekend. Have a safe and happy Easter!