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Don’t Let Boredom Dampen Your Pet’s Spirit

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Jessie, your go-to dog for important advice, education and information about pets:

You give your pet everything he needs – food, water, medical care and heaping helpings of love. However, are you overlooking other needs he might have? His needs are similar to yours, and they include ample physical exercise and mental stimulation. These contribute to a happy and full life for your pet.

In a sense, your pet needs a job…a sense of purpose. He needs to stay busy and engaged. However, most pets these days are “unemployed.” They are bored and just waiting on their humans to interact with them. Sometimes, a pet with nothing but time on his hands can become a restless, ornery pet and may find ways to entertain himself that fall outside of the scope of activities you would chose for him. This could include excessive barking, meowing, gnawing on things, eating houseplants, or scratching furniture.

Do you want to avoid these issues? Then get up, get out and get going! According to the web site, healthy adult dogs need at least 30 minutes of daily aerobic exercise, such as jogging, swimming or just running loose at the dog park.

Engage your dog with a game of fetch or tug or war or give him a food-stuffed puzzle toy to stimulate his mind.

Cats are no exception. Get your cat in shape with a game of chase and fetch with furry toys, small balls or toy mice.

You can also encourage your cat’s preferred home alone activities, such as bird watching, exploring a paper box or bag or even watching cat videos.

Remember! As a pet owner, it is your job to keep your pet’s life full, happy and enriching. It is important to find ways to stimulate your pet’s mind and keep his body active and healthy. Besides, it will do you a wealth of good, too! A win-win for everyone!




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