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Cat Facts: Cats Spend a Third of Their Waking Hours Doing What??

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Cat Facts

Party Marty here, Cool Cat Extraordinaire! It’s graduation weekend in my neck of the woods! Lots of parties and big events going on! And even though you might be celebrating and recognizing a cool graduate in your life, don’t forget about that cool cat, too! If you need to educate yourself on anything in life, then let me dispense a few handy, dandy cat facts that will make you look like the esteemed intellect at your next social gathering.

Did you know that when cats close their eyes, that does not always mean they are tired? In fact, it often means they are happy and pleased. (For me, however, it usually means I am pleased AND napping!)

Cats have 24 more bones in their bodies than humans do. (Face it – we are built for life…nine lives, that is!)

If a cat eats too much tuna, he can become addicted and can possibly suffer from a Vitamin E deficiency as a result. (Really? A cat can become addicted to tuna? But it is my guilty pleasure!)

If you killed a cat in the ages of Pharaoh, you could have been put to death. (Remember this! We have always been revered!)

Most cats do not have eyelashes. (Saves on mascara!)

Cats are efficient, too. While you humans take nine months to produce and deliver a baby, cats have that science down to nine weeks!

Cats spend about one-third of their waking hours cleaning themselves. (Well, we do pride ourselves on our appearance!)

And, finally….and you should know this by now if you know me at all…drum roll, please…cats can sleep up to 16 hours a day! (Hey! Don’t judge! It’s our job! We have to confirm this statistic!)

Thanks, and to all the graduates in your life, please extend my sincerest congratulations!

And thanks to for this fun information!


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