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Don’t Let Any of These Things Happen to Your Pet This Christmas!

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The Spirit of Bo, returning to wish you a joyous holiday season.  With Christmas just one day away, I wanted to bring to your attention the most common Christmas Day pet emergencies. Of course, Christmas should be a fun and festive time where moments shared with family and friends are the highlight of the day. It should also be a fun and carefree time for your beloved pets.  As such, I just wanted to make you aware of the most common pet ailments that can occur on this special day if you aren’t vigilant about your pet’s surroundings.

Tummy troubles! (Code for stomach and intestinal upset!) At this time of year, treats abound and your pet may get into something that is outside of his/her typical diet, which can result in vomiting and diarrhea…something with which I would presume you do not want to be bothered on December 25th!  Please keep all food and other treats away from your pet and remind your guests to do the same.  Of course, be sure to have a couple of pet-friendly treats on hand for your precious little ball of fur so he/she can feel included in the festivities. Just make sure the holiday ham and pies are away from the lapping tongue of your counter-surfing dog. And be sure to clean up anything that falls to the floor immediately

Lacerations or bite wounds! Let’s face it!  Sometimes family gatherings can be filled with tension and sadly, sometimes family members argue at such joyous gatherings. Well, have you ever considered that some pets may not get along, either?  Think twice before allowing your Aunt Edna to bring her precious Fluffy to your home. Your dog/cat may not get along with Fluffy and you don’t want a cat fight to ensue!  If she insists on bringing her pet, consider keeping the animals separated during the visit.

Eating things that are not edible!  If your house is full of guests or if you are just super busy amidst all the holiday chaos, please make sure to keep certain things out of your pet’s reach, such as tinsel, gift wrapping, ornaments, and even socks and underwear that can end up on the floor. Pets are curious about these things and like to chew on them.  Be sure to clean up and be aware of what is within tongue’s reach of your pet!  They could potentially ingest these objects and cause great internal harm.  Remind your guests to also clean up after themselves.

Chocolate poisoning! As you are probably aware, chocolate is something that should never be given to a pet. The rule of thumb to remember is that the toxicity in chocolate increases as the chocolate gets darker and is far more harmful to smaller breeds. So, if a small dog gets into a bag of dark chocolate candies and basically cleans it up, an immediate trip to the veterinarian is in order. However, if your big dog ate a couple of milk chocolate candies, he is probably going to be okay, but if you are concerned, put in a call to your vet just to be sure!  Remind your guests to keep chocolate, gum and all other types of candies away from your pets.

Have a blessed Christmas and a wonderful holiday!

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