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Don’t Let a “Little” Snow Keep Your Dog from Taking Care of Business!

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 Bolty Boy, the Yorkie-Poo guest blogger:  Snow got you down today?  If you are in an area that has been hit by the huge winter storm today, then most likely you are staying safe and warm at home. Your pets are thrilled as they get more time with you, but there could be a small problem.  For example, when I had to go potty this morning, the snow was blaring down at a rapid clip. The winds were blowing and it was cold! Who wants to go potty in those conditions? I deplore it! Plus, being on the short side, when the snow piles up, it is nearly as high as I am, if not higher! How can a dog take care of business when he can’t even move? Makes me wish I had a litter box like the cat!

Well, thanks to, we have a few tips.

First of all, shovel out an area to serve as your dog’s potty spot. Many of us do not like the feel of the cold snow touching our feet. We may tip toe around and act timid about it all. Be sure to shovel out enough so that your dog can secure his paws on mostly dirt or grass and then bring him to that spot each time you give him a bathroom break! Another great idea is to set up a tent or similar structure in the yard that will keep the ground primarily free of the elements and then your pup could do his business in there. I like that idea!

Another idea is to put booties on your dog. Even though you may have shoveled out an area for him, he still has to get over there. The boots keep our paws safe from the cold and the wetness.

Despite the yucky weather, do something momentarily to make it fun for your dog. Dance around in the snow a bit. Throw a snowball or just run around a bit like crazy. Reward your dog with a treat for a job well done and make the experience as positive as possible! Also consider getting him a puppy jacket if his fur is thin.

Also, be sure to stay with your dog until he pees. Make sure that your dog understands that going back inside is dependent upon him relieving himself outside.

And always, always use positive reinforcement each time he goes potty! A little fun (and a small treat!) goes a long way

Stay safe!  Stay warm! I am off to take a nap now!





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