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Dogs CAN Have Snow Days…Just Be Properly Prepared!

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dogs and snow

Jessie, the cool dog with a warm and sunny disposition, here to discuss safety tips for your snow-loving dog!

Even though we are nearing the end of winter, there is still time for Old Man Winter to keep up with his snowy shenanigans! If you live in a region where cold and snow are the norm for this time of year, then you already know how to prepare…. we change our wardrobe; further insulate our homes; and winterize our cars…but your dog needs to be prepared to get out in the elements to keep him safe and warm, too. What dog doesn’t love to romp and play in the snow? It’s fun for him and fun for you to watch! You don’t need to deny him that pleasure if you take into consideration a few helpful tips and suggestions from the experts at

**Be on the lookout for ice. Dogs can slip and break a bone just as easily as you can. And heaven forbid you have him on a leash and you BOTH slip and fall!

**Keep your dog’s feet protected. If your dog is not naturally designed to tolerate extreme cold, snow and ice, make sure to dry his paws and wet fur with a clean, soft towel once he comes back inside from play. Keep containers of warm water and some clean towels by your door for ease of use after coming in from outdoor fun. To minimize the snow that collects between his toes, trim the hair on his paws.

**Never leave your dog outside in the cold alone. Dogs are just as susceptible to hypothermia as you are. This is especially true if he has a thin coat, is small, or is elderly.

**Keep the antifreeze away! It is toxic to your pet!

**You have been told to not eat yellow snow. Well, the same goes for your dog. Don’t feed him snow. Period. Ever. Poisonous chemicals that have stayed on the ground and have mixed in with the slush can infect him. Additionally, if he consumes too much of it, it can lower his core temperature and lead to hypothermia.

However, if all of this is just too much work and it is colder than you-know-what outside, then you can always stay inside and binge-watch your favorite show on Netflix. How about some Animal Planet?



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