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Do Your Homework Before Buying From A Breeder

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sleeping like a babyI’m an advocate for adoption vs. buying when it comes to adding a new pet to your home, but for those looking for purebred puppies through a breeder, here are some points to check out:

  • Breeder should breed puppies that are mentally, genetically and physically healthy. ¬†They should have paperwork available for you to review to show screening that’s been done to ensure health of puppy’s parents.
  • The breeder should allow you to meet the puppy’s parents.
  • They should stay in touch with you and follow up to ensure the puppy you purchased from them is doing well.
  • Breeder should require puppy be spayed/neutered unless the puppy will participate in dog shows.
  • They should thoroughly screen prospective pet parents and require that puppy be given a secure, loving home.
  • Puppies should be well socialized prior to going to their permanent homes.
  • The breeder should be willing to take back the dog for any reason for the life of the dog.



Information for this post from Your Dog, April 2011.


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