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Learn to Speak Dog! Know the Signals!

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ChandlerBolt, guest Yorkie-Poo blogger: When, oh when is my human going to get this??? She should learn to speak “dog.” Whenever she has to reprimand the other dog in the house – never me…I behave very well – she mistakes that dog’s turning its head and walking away for sulking. In actuality, that dog is merely showing a sign of submission. His feelings aren’t hurt! Don’t immediately go and give him a hug because you feel badly about scolding him. His “sulking” as you see it is merely him telling you he understands you are the leader. Don’t confuse him with mixed signals by “barking” at him and then trying to make up with him! Won’t work! However, if you are so inclined, you are more than welcome to come give me a few belly rubs! I will happily roll over in submission! Remember! I’m the good dog! No confusion there!

Thanks to for helping me to point out this tid bit.


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