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Cats vs. Dogs

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Party Marty, the always in the know cat:  Hey…heard a great quote the other day.  It had an anonymous source, so I don’t know who to thank for it, but it rocks!  Are you ready for this?  “Dogs have owners.  Cats have staff!”  Bearing that in mind……”Oh, Jessie!  Where’s that cool drink I ordered a few minutes ago?  Tongue’s a drying out here, girl!”

There are most definitely a few other ways in which we amazing cats differ from our stinky, smelly, drooling dog counterparts.  First of all, we are highly independent.  While we love and adore you, we won’t follow you around all day.  We have our own agenda.  Driven and ambitious we are.  Toss a ball outside?  We won’t chase it down.  Too hot for that these days.  We know better.  Go fetch it yourself.

We also don’t dig in the backyard for buried treasure.  We wear our jewels.  Speaking of which, where did I put my crown?

We are self-cleaning, too.  Don’t bother running a bath for us. However, I do enjoy sitting poolside at the Ritz.  Paw rub, anyone?

We also don’t run to the door when someone knocks on it, nor do we leave drool marks on the windows. Sure, we like to protect our turf, but it’s a given that we own it. We don’t have to prove it to everyone else.

As much as we love our dogs…and we really do….some days, you just have to champion the felines!  I’m just saying….


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