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Cats Catching Flies: Is Your Cat A Fly Guy?

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Cats catching flies can be pretty entertaining to watch. Flies make great toys for cats, it seems.  I’ve noticed whenever a fly manages to get into the house, Marty doesn’t take long catching it.

In this video from Simon’s Cat, he, too, is determined to catch the fly in the house. Unfortunately, the cat encounters a few obstacles along the way.

Simon’s Cat isn’t the most skilled hunter, but he doesn’t give up!  Will he eventually catch the fly?  Watch the video below to find out:

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Can Eating Bugs Be Hazardous To Your Cat?

All kidding aside, though, since cats are hunters by nature, they can be very prone to eat bugs of various types. If your cat makes it a habit to eat bugs of various types, it’s important to figure out if the bug consumed is poisonous to your cat.

If your cat has trouble breathing, begins to salivate excessively or exhibits other symptoms, contact your veterinarian immediately.Some bugs, such as stink bugs, are not poisonous but their secretions can cause excessive drooling or vomiting and can also irritate the cat’s gastrointestinal tract.

Lovebugs and fireflies are poisonous for cats and can cause severe intestinal problems.

Black widow spiders are especially dangerous to cats. If a cat tries to eat one and gets bitten, it can cause serious health issues, possibly death.

Safe Alternative for Cats That Love Catching Flies

A safe alternative to the real thing is a wand toy that has attachments that look like bugs.  I discovered Neko Flies a couple of years ago.  They have a variety of attachments that resemble different bugs, giving your cat that same experience, in a safer way.


For more information on bugs poisonous to cats, go to

To see more of Simon’s Cat antics, check out their YouTube channel


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