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Pet Safe Thanksgiving Dinner: What to Serve (or not serve!) at the Pet Table!

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pet safe Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a week from today, with lots of food and goodies…and lots of begging looks from your pets! The website offers these tips on pet safe Thanksgiving foods.


If you want to give your pet a small taste of the turkey, make sure it is boneless, skinless well-cooked white meat. Raw or undercooked turkey may possibly contain salmonella bacteria.

Do not give your pet the left over turkey carcass.  He could choke on the bones or possibly suffer from digestive issues

Bread Dough

Bread is a must-have at the dinner table, but do not offer your pet raw yeast bread dough.  When a pet ingests this, the yeast turns the sugars in the dough into carbon dioxide gas and alcohol. The result? A bloated, drunken pet.

This could become a life-threatening emergency that could result in hospitalization for your pet…or worse.

Store the bread dough in a safe place away from counter climbing cats.  They seem to have a real love of bread!

Raw Dessert Batter

If you are baking any sort of desserts, do not let your pet near the batter. If it contains raw eggs, it could contain salmonella bacteria, and no pet wants to suffer through food poisoning.

Prepare Pet Safe Thanksgiving Dinner

But don’t think that just because you are enjoying a feast that your pet can’t have some fun, too.

Prepare a small “feast” for your pet by offering him a few bits of turkey (skin removed, white meat only), some veggies like green beans or sweet potatoes (no sauces on either) and a few drops of gravy (without salt, or onion). He will feel like a King!

For added fun, put the food in a puzzle food toy. This will keep him busy while you enjoy your meal.

Final note: When it’s time for dessert and your dog is begging for some of the pumpkin pie, please don’t give him the pie mix, as that is filled with sugar and additives. However, he can safely enjoy a bit of pure canned pumpkin!

So, enjoy time with family and make it a pet safe Thanksgiving!




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