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Cat vs. Dog vs. Human….who wins?

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If we pitted a cat against a dog or even against a human, which species might win?  These fun feline trivia facts obtained from just might surprise you!  (They would not surprise the cats, however.  They already knew this stuff!)

1.)  A cat’s brain is more similar to a human’s brain than to that of a dog.  (My dog begs to differ!)

2.)  A cat will spend about 30% of its life grooming itself.  (I spend more, I believe!)

3.)  A cat is pregnant for about 58-65 days.  (Sure beats nine months!)

4.)  A cat will never break a sweat, as it has no sweat glands.  (You should see me after a run!)

5.)  A cat in a hurry can sprint about 31 mph.  (I can do that, too…in a car!)

6.)  A cat has 230 bones in its body.  A human has 206.  (Okay….less bones for me to fracture!)

7.)  A cat’s sense of taste is keener than that of a dog’s.  (Visualize the dog feeding the cat some “poop.”  Smart dog!)

8.)  A happy cat holds its tail high and steady.  (A happy dog drools all over itself;  a happy female human can be found out shopping and eating chocolate!)

9.)  After cats have been held, they will lick themselves to smooth and clean their fur…and to get rid of that “human” smell.  (Wonder what they do after a dog touches them?)

10.)  All cats are born with blue eyes.  (I had to buy colored contact lenses to achieve the same effect.)

These are just ten things among many that are interesting to note about cats.  However, as the family dog will attest, “Well, they can’t bark now, can they?”

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