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Unique dog facts, per Jessie

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You know, I just cannot help but mention how unique canines are.  Sure, the kitty litters can hold their own, but the dog world rocks!  For example, do you even know how many breeds of dogs there are in this world?  According to the World Canine Organization, there are 400 recognized breeds of dogs!  Rock on, my fellow canines!  While most of us are outspoken, there is one breed that is actually barkless.  Basenji dogs simply cannot bark.  I am sure Bo would appreciate this trait in me, but, alas, I am and shall forever remain, verbally outspoken.  The Basenji is actually an African hunting dog.  While he cannot bark, he can produce a host of other animal noises, including a unique yodelling sound.  Perhaps I should learn how to do that, if only to annoy Bo!  Another quick tid bit:  Chow-Chows are the only breed of dogs to have a bluish-black tongue, and not from eating candy!  While they are born with pink tongues, after about eight weeks of age, the color turns.  Interesting!

Well, I have to get back to terrorizing Bo.  I am one busy dog!


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