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A devout dog?

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Back in the 1930s and 1940s in a small Midwestern town in the heart of America, a young family consisting of two boys, Mom, and Dad…and the family dog…regularly attended services at the local Methodist church.  Yes!  The dog attended services.  He even had his own seat, most notably the best one in the house.  It was in the back of the church, last pew on the left.  He would quietly and reverently sit there, almost as if in prayer to the Big Dog in the sky.  Once services were over, he would retreat home with his family and wait out another week to exhibit his faith.  Even when his family was out of town or, for whatever reason, could not attend church on a given Sunday, this dog, Snoopy, dutifully made his way to the church, took his faithful position, and remained seated until the last hymn was sung.  You know what they say about religion going to the dogs?  Perhaps this canine was well ahead of his time!

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