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Caring For Your Dog’s Leashes And Collars

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We all get busy and can forget to take care of things like our dog’s collars and leashes.  Both need regular routine care and inspection to check for >wear and tear.

An article in the March 2013 of Dog Fancy magazine offers these tips on leash and collar care:

  • For nylon leashes and collars, put them in a laundry bag and wash on the delicate cycle to prevent tangles, allow them to air dry
  • To stay on schedule, consider cleaning leashes and collars on the same days you wash your dog’s bedding
  • If your dog wears a leather collar and/or leash, clean them every few months with saddle soap, and follow that up with a light oil treatment to protect and condition the leather
  • Hang leashes, collars and harnesses up after every walk.  It’s a good idea for your dog to see you taking care of her walking gear properly so she’ll view it with respect too
  • Avoid leaving walking gear on floor where it can be stepped on or chewed

Following these tips will keep your dog’s walking gear looking and performing well longer.  Doing routine maintenance and inspection for wear can help prevent injury to you and your dog because of a broken collar or leash.


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