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20 Minute Guide To Refreshing Your Home

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This time of year many of us are spending a lot more time inside, awaiting the warmer temperatures of spring. Having more time indoors means more time to do some clean-up.

The Winter 2012/13 issue of Modern Dog magazine has this 20 minute game plan to get your house in order, literally. Check it out:

Got 5 minutes?

  • Light a scented candle to get rid of the pet odors in the house.  The article recommends soy candles by Baxter and Bailey.  Take these few minutes to pick up the pet toys around the house.

Got 10 minutes?

  • Run a lint roller over the living room furniture and wash out your dog’s food and water dishes.

Got 20 minutes?

  • Take the pet beds outside and shake them off.  Also, sprinkle baking soda to deodorize the carpet, then vacuum.  Baking soda is much cheaper and just as effective at removing odor as the higher priced carpet deodorizers.  Do you have hardwood floors?  Sweep, then spot clean with an eco and pet friendly product like Bona hardwood floor cleaner.  It won’t harm your pets and won’t dull the hardwood floor.


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