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Can Your Dog Be Your Valentine? You Bet!

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Jessie, the lovable canine:  In just a few days, Valentine’s Day will be upon us. I adore that holiday, as it represents a day of love and affection. And who says all of that love and affection has to be given towards another human?  Dogs can steal your heart, too, and in a big way. Even the folks at believe that to be true, as they have suggested a few reasons why humans love dogs…besides the fact that we are irresistibly adorable!

  • Your dog loves you for you, and, unlike your kids (if you have any), they will appreciate (most!) anything you prepare for them to eat. Why would we turn up our noses when you give us food, especially food from YOUR table? And even when you simply open up a can of dog food or a bag of dog food, we appreciate the loving gesture behind that act.
  • If you hate to exercise, or at least mildly dislike it, we can be your walking or running buddy. While that cat or goldfish won’t respond much when you grab our leash, WE will!  So, get up off the couch or back away from the computer and let’s roll!
  • Have a problem? If you have a dog, you always have someone who loves you…no matter what! We love to snuggle and are welcome recipients of any hugs you might have for us. And, the best part? We are so much cheaper than a psychologist! Tell us your troubles and watch them melt away.
  • Why pour your money into ever-changing technologies when the love of your dog is consistent? You may grow tired of that tablet or cell phone, but we are always a constant source of fun, entertainment and surprises!
  • Finally, we always have so much love for you. Whether you are gone for two hours or two days or two weeks, we will greet you at the door as if you have been gone forever! We don’t hold grudges. We don’t judge you by your looks or your mood. We are just so darned happy to see you each and every day….even on your worst day! (Which, by the way, with the proper amount of love, hugs, belly rubs and treats, we can turn in a deliciously happy day!)



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