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Book Review: Pampered Pets On A Budget

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Pampered Pets On A Budget: Caring For Your Pet Without Losing Your Tail was written by Jeffrey Barnes, a pet vet expert and Kristen Levine, an expert in the field of pet lifestyle.

This book is a quick read at 74 pages, but contains a lot of good information for pet owners. Topics covered include: Choosing Pet Health Insurance, Online Pet Resources and Veterinary Terms and Definitions.

The book is written in laymen’s terms, which is especially valuable in the chapter that covers vet definitions and terms. There is also a highlights section at the end of each chapter.

I would recommend this as a good overall guide for pet owners that want to provide their pets with good care without breaking the budget. The book is available through in either paperback or Kindle version.

A copy of the book was provided for review but there was no compensation given that influenced this review in any way.


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