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Be Sure to Get the Pick of the Litter…..Box, That Is!

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Party Marty here, back again as that lazy dog Jessie is in a bad mood because of the overcast weather. Hey!  I love it!  All the more reason to do what I do best – nap! However, since Jessie is too distracted to write today, I have offered to pitch in and do what I can to save the day. Topic? Dealer’s choice…and that means focusing on the importance of cleaning out the litter box! Hey!  You think it’s going to clean itself? Somebody has to do it and it’s not going to be ME! (Of course, I will gladly use it!)

According to the experts at, this is an essential task and one that, if avoided, can have potentially grievous consequences. First of all, if my litter box is not cleaned, I am forced to take care of my business elsewhere. We wouldn’t want that now, would we?

However, if you ignore the litter box, you won’t know what your cat has been up to and you won’t be in tune with what’s normal for your cat and what’s not. And, because we are great at masking our pain and illness, the litter box can be a great place to find clues as to the state of our overall health to which you might not otherwise be alerted.

So, do yourself and your cat a favor and maintain that litter box! Besides, you don’t want to put on a pair of shoes one day only to discover that…oops….hey….when you gotta go….

Over and out!


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