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House Rules For Your New Dog

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Getting a new dog is always an exciting time.  Whether you decide to get a puppy or an older dog, the first few days will be both exciting and hectic as you and your new pet get acquainted.

Here are some rules to consider for your new dog:

1. Your dog will need to learn the rules about house training. This is something that all house dogs should know.

2. Decide where your dog is going to sleep. This can be a surprisingly difficult rule to enforce. You may decide he’s going to sleep on the floor but he prefers your bed. You buy him a crate but he prefers the sofa. Give some thought to where your new dog will sleep, but be willing to compromise.

3. Decide whether your new dog will be allowed to get on the furniture. Many people do not allow dogs on the furniture while others think it’s perfectly normal and love to cuddle with their dog on the couch. It’s nice to snuggle with your dog, but he can quickly begin to think that your furniture is his furniture. There are many furniture covers available so you won’t have dog hair on everything.

4. Decide where your dog will have his food and water. Many people choose to feed and water their dogs in the kitchen or in a laundry room. These rooms usually have a tile or linoleum floor, or some other kind of flooring that is easy to clean in case your dog slops out water or spills food. Consider putting the food and water dishes on a mat, or check out feeding stations that have specific areas the dishes fit into to keep things neater.

Those are the primary rules that most owners will have to decide when they get a new dog. Give them some thought before you get your dog and you will be well-prepared when you bring him home.



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