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Are You a Crazy Cat Person? Marty Thinks You Should Be!

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Party Marty here! The wild and crazy cat! TGIF, am I right?  Hey! Seeing as how I believe cats are the most important creatures in the world, I decided to share some information I found online about one self-described “crazy cat lady” about whom I read on the web site  If my human is reading this, I hope she can relate. After all, we cats should be treated like such royalty!  Here are a few things this gal confessed to doing for her cat.  Have you done any of these or do you have a few of your own to share? I love this stuff!

  • She left a fan on for her cat so the cat would not get hot.
  • She left a light on in a room while she was away so the cat would not be alone in the dark.
  • She placed a soft pillow in front of the heat lamp so the cat could nap comfortably and stay warm.
  • She left the toilet seat up so her cat could drink from the bowl as she pleased.
  • She left dresser drawers open so the cat could sleep in them or just peek into them.
  • She would place a chair near the kitchen counter so the cat could jump up on it and watch her make dinner.
  • She lifted her cat up high so the cat could smell the counter tops, bookshelves and other high places of interest.
  • She offered water to her cat in a glass, held at a precise 45-degree angle to make it easy for her cat to enjoy the refreshment!
  • She held her own urine for several hours while the cat napped comfortably on her lap.

I must say…I want to be that cat! Kudos to that human!


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