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A Sleeping Cat is Proving His Love for You!

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cat-looking-at-human-It’s your main man, Party Marty, the cool cat in the ‘hood, ready to dish on the blog and keep you up to speed with all things pet-related!  I am taking a break from my holiday prep work to fill you in on my latest research endeavors. This is important – and potentially breaking! – news.  Today’s focus is on cats and why we make great pets. Really, there are no reasons necessary.  We’re just naturally awesome. We know we make great pets, and you realize that, too, but to confirm your suspicions, I consulted and discovered this illuminating information…

  • Guess what?  Unlike a dog, housebreaking a cat takes, oh, I don’t know, a millisecond!  Well, maybe a minute or two, but all you have to do is place a litter box with clean litter in an out-of-the-way spot and let your cat go to town!  Your cat does the work.  You just sit back and admire his/her intelligence! Ever see a dog potty train that quickly? I think not!
  • And if you think having a cat will add to your cleaning routine, think again.  A healthy cat keeps himself/herself clean from head to toe and would never consider rolling around dirty on your carpet or furniture.
  • We don’t take you on guilt trips, either. Sure, your dog may pout when you can’t just drop everything and play with him, but if we sense you are otherwise preoccupied, we silently slip away and come back at a better time. We understand you.  Besides, who am I to refuse yet another great opportunity to just indulge in a nap.
  • Despite frigid winter weather (depending upon where you live!), you can rely on your cat to keep you warm.  We have no problem nestling up next to you, all curled up in your lap or wrapped around your neck, keeping you warm. Yes! We will take one for the team this way! We may even stretch out along the length of your legs at night. Better than an electric blanket and far more adorable!

For the most part, if you find your cat napping or sleeping, we are actually doing you a favor – keeping you warm and/or staying out of your hair. See?  A sleeping cat is a full-time job! You can thank us later!



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