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Five Book Recommendations For Pet Lovers

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If you’re stumped on what to buy for a pet loving friend or relative that likes to read,

If you’re stumped on what to buy for a pet loving friend or relative that likes to read, or simply looking for winter reading ideas yourself, here are some great book recommendations for pet lovers:

    • Bliss to You: Trixie’s Guide to a Happy Life.  Written by renowned author Dean Koontz, this book is told from his dog Trixie’s point of view.  Our pets are very wise, and Trixie illustrates that fact with nuggets of wisdom like this:  “Dogs live most of life in Quiet Heart.  Humans live mostly next door in Desperate Heart.  Now and then will do you good to live in our zip code.”  A small but insightful book, and if you follow Trixie’s advice, you will lead a happier, more blissful life.
    • The Dangerous Book for Dogs: A Parody.  Written by dogs, Rex and Sparky, for dogs, this book is a hilarious parody that will have you laughing out loud.  With subjects such as “How To Escape Humiliating Costumes” and “How To Pick a Pill Out Of Peanut Butter” the authors provide step-by-step instructions (complete with diagrams) to increase the chances of success for dogs in these situations.  When reading it, you’ll be convinced your dog beat you to the punch and has already read it cover to cover.
    • The Devious Book for Cats: A Parody.  Not to be outdone, cat authors Fluffy and Bonkers, wrote this book to advise cats on a variety of subjects such as “Pros and Cons of Being Sullen” and “Outsmarting Your Toys.”  Like Rex and Sparky’s book discussed above, Fluffy and Bonkers provide step-by-step details to help cat readers be successful.  When reading this, check over your shoulder from time to time to make sure your cat isn’t reading along with you!
    • Cats on the Job: 50 Fabulous Felines Who Purr, Mouse, and Even Sing for Their Supper.  Written by Lisa Rogak, this book 50 felines who are out there earning a living in a variety of occupations.  Some of the cats featured include:  Millie, a security guard cat guarding a British toy warehouse, cat model Prin, and hotel concierge cat Matilda.  As this book points out, cats can do anything!
    • Dog on It: A Chet and Bernie Mystery (The Chet and Bernie Mystery Series). This is the first in a 9 book series written by Spencer Quinn, these books are great if you love dogs and mysteries.  The stories are all told from Chet the Dog’s point of view.  His human, Bernie, is a private detective that tends to get mixed up in some bizarre cases, but Chet is with him every step of the way to protect him and help him solve cases.  Chet’s comments on people, places and things will make you smile, and the mysteries will keep you engaged until the very end.  This is a series, so it’s best to start with the first book and read them in order if possible since Chet does occasionally make references to past cases.

All of these books are available via in a variety of mediums (hard/paperback, Kindle book, or audio in some cases) and some have Prime express shipping as an option if purchasing as a gift.

I’ve read all of these books and highly recommend them.  In my opinion you couldn’t go wrong with any or all of them!  Happy reading!


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