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Reasons You SHOULD Let Your Dog Sleep in Bed with You!

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Bolty-Boy, the Yorkie-Poo guest blogger:  Hey! Just so you know this from the get-go…I may be small, but I rule the roost at my house. I call the shots, set the tone and get what I want. I have my humans wrapped around my tiny little paw…except for one area:  Sleeping in the bed with them.  Now, I have my own “throne,” if you will, located next to the bed in the master suite, and it is comfortable, but I have heard the Mrs. say on occasion that it sure would be awesome to have me sleep in the bed with her and the Mr. However, the Mr. in the equation does not seem to keen on that idea. His excuses?  “He farts. He has bad breath. He is fidgety. You might roll over on him!”  The list goes on and on. I see his point. He does have my best interests at heart.

However, that bed is big and sure does look comfy!  I can also see the viewpoint of the Mrs. She loves to cuddle and smells so good. I know I would get a good night’s sleep snuggling next to her.  In fact, even though there are many sources that may counter my opinion on this matter, there are just as many sources that will support it.  So…if you need a few good reasons as to why you should bring your dog into your bed to sleep…. here they are, as presented by

  • Dogs relieve anxiety. That’s been proven.  We can calm you down and center you. Ever wonder why we are used as service animals?  We can add a decided layer of tranquility while you slumber.
  • Dogs make you feel safer. If you feel safe at night, chances are you will sleep better.
  • Hey!  We love it!  We like to feel calm and safe, too!
  • Sure, you have blankets and pillows, but dogs are warm and cozy, too!
  • Dogs relieve depression, and when you can relax all night long with us, we can make you feel better and more capable of facing the world in the morning!

So…there you have it! I will keep you posted if I make it from my throne to the bed, but I have my doubts. I need to check the calendar to see when the Mr. has an out-of-town business trip, and then I will appeal to the Mrs.!



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