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Be Aware of the Paws-ibility of Heat Stroke in Your Pet This Summer

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Jessie, the cool as a cucumber canine, here to dispense some more hot weather tips for your pets:

The summer sun is on full throttle here in the Midwest. That means fun in the sun for nearly everyone. However, just as you need to cool down and find a shady spot in which to relax, your pets need to keep their cool, too…literally.  All pets need access to fresh, cool water and a shady spot when they are outdoors. Preferably, they should be kept indoors on days when it is extremely hot (as in, would you stay out there for more than a few minutes?). When the temperature exceeds 86 degrees, it is recommended that your dog stay indoors.

The initial signs of heat stroke in a dog include heavy panting, drooling and staggering.  The AKC recommends the following steps to cool down your dog is he/she shows any signs of distress from heat stroke:

  • Apply rubbing alcohol to your dog’s paw pads.
  • Apply ice packs to the groin area.
  • Hose your dog down with water.
  • Let your dog lick ice chips or drink small amount of water.
  • Pedialyte can be given to restore lost electrolytes.

Be sure to check your dog’s temperature and once it has stabilized between 100-102 degrees, you can stop the process. If your dog’s temperature fails to go down, take him/her to the veterinarian immediately!

Thanks to for this wonderful information!  Stay cool, everyone!



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