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Toys To Get For Your Puppy

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puppy training mistakes

Puppies seem to have boundless energy and are on the constant lookout for something fun to play with. Toys are a great way to help you play with your puppy, or to distract them while you take a little break.

Here are a few types of toys to consider buying for your puppy to distract, train, and just have fun:

  • Stuffed Toys – There are many stuffed toys that are shaped in all sorts of amusing critters and objects. These are great play toys because they are soft and give puppy something to sink those tiny little baby teeth into while offering a cuddly factor. Be aware of broken seams and stuffing coming out.
  • Squeaky Toys – Some puppies love to get a reaction from their toys and squeaky toys are perfect for that. If your puppy has a hunting lineage, you may notice there will be a ‘kill’ in the making with this sort of toy. Once the toy is ‘killed’ (the squeaker removed) the puppy may lose interest in the toy. The constant squeaking may be a bit disturbing since puppies don’t really care what you’re doing when they’re ready to play. If puppy is very young, do pay attention as the squeaking device may be small enough to swallow if they should happen to get it out.
  • Chew Toys – Buy hard plastic ‘bones’ and toys for puppy to chew on. A big supply of good chew toys and bones are a necessary investment. Buying bones specially made to hold up for a long time will help the budget.
  • Balls – Puppies love chasing balls. Make sure the ball is large enough so it doesn’t pose a choking hazard. Also, make sure the ball is solid enough not to be chewed up easily. Tennis balls are a favorite choice for many dog owners.
  • Ropes – Tugging on a rope and carrying it around is always fun. You can buy thick, strong ropes at the pet store just for this purpose. Be sure not to get too aggressive with this play. You are probably quite a big bigger than your dog, and certainly your puppy, and you can tug too hard and hurt your puppy’s jaw, neck, or teeth. Keep the play more about chasing the puppy while he runs with the rope than about tugging it away from him or her.
  • Frisbees – Toys that fly far are perfect for playing fetch. This is an opportunity for you to teach puppy to retrieve and return. Find a safe, wide open field and your puppy will run off a lot of energy.

Make sure you take the time to get your puppy the best toys for the hard work of playing. Be sure you also get in all the playtime you can with your puppy. Time flies quickly, and your puppy won’t be little for long!


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