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Top News Story: Potentially Dangerous and Even Lethal Dog Treats!

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Jessie, the concerned dog who looks out for her community: Unlike that darned cat in the house, I use my time on the internet in a wise and productive manner. Today, while reading posts on my Facebook page, I came across some news about dog treats that are allegedly causing illness and even death in some pets. Please read the list below that includes various dog treats and food that have been made in China and have been linked to those supposed illnesses and deaths in dogs. Please properly discard any of these brands if you have them and keep your dogs safe:

Waggin Train

Canyon Creek Ranch


Hartz Snausages

Booda Bones

Aspen Pet

Milo’s Kitchen

American Kennel Club




Sergeants (Sargents)

Ever Pet (Dollar General)

Home Pet 360

Walgreen’s Simple (new brand)

The Kingdom’s Pets

Benefuk (Horrible name. Possibly a play on Beneful?)

Beggin Strips


Canine Carryout

**These were as posted on For the Love of the Dog Facebook Page.


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