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You Have Been Warned! Your Dog May Be Stalking You!

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Bolt, the Yorkie-Poo guest blogger:  The “poo” part of my name is fairly accurate. You see…I love my human but I do exhibit a rather peculiar behavior from a human perspective when it comes to my owner. I follow her into the bathroom each and every time she goes in there to take care of business. The way I see it, if she has to go with me every time I go potty, then I should probably accompany her when she does! However, I pretty much follow her wherever she wanders in the house. When she gets up out of her chair in her home office and walks into the kitchen, I follow her…. and some might speculate I do this less because I love her and more for the potential for her to open the fridge and extend a treat in my general direction! When she goes upstairs, I follow. That is, if I feel like walking up 16 stairs at the moment. Otherwise, I hang out at the bottom until her return and then follow her wherever she may go on the main level. Some may refer to this behavior as stalking, but I prefer to call it loyal companionship. I will always be at her side no matter what!

The truth is, you can be stalked by your dog, but in a good way. If you were to follow another human around incessantly as dogs do, you might find yourself on the receiving end of a restraining order. But dogs love to follow their humans around, as we are truly faithful companions; we love the company; and we just want to stay by your side. Besides, admit it…you like being viewed as a celebrity or big time hot shot in our eyes! It’s like having your own little fan club!

So, as long as you give us plenty of love, affection…and treats…we will stalk you…night and day!

Thanks to for hinting at this fun behavior in dogs! HA!




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